MEP Engineering Service

MEP Engineering Services: Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Services

  • Sustainable Designs
  • Effective and compact Systems
  • Effective Building Mechanism
  • Enhanced HVAC Systems

Integrated engineering solutions with innovation and sustainability in the field of Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing services. In order to improve the building’s functionality with Lighting, Water pipelines and HVAC systems that are installed and designed to ensure cost-efficient solutions and power savings. Our mechanical and plumbing engineers significantly contribute to the infrastructure and operational system of any facility.

Mechanical design elements are the integral part of construction projects aiming the ventilation, cooling and heating systems of a site and regulate the internal environment of a building with enhanced comfort despite any weather conditions

Electrical services ensure reliable lighting and power systems services that are cost-effective by nature. Focuses on building management, standby power supply arrangements, LT Distribution network, energy efficient electrical systems and building internal and external electrification.

A proper water distribution system and management by efficient plumbing system services of installing water pipelines to ensure smooth flow of water and adequate drainage. From sewer, drain pump system to bulk oxygen systems with range of plumbing expertise to meet all engineering requirements.

We have a certified team of professionals that are insured to build residential buildings, repair, renovate, and design-assist your home electrical and other maintenance needs and services at your disposal.

Corporate Offices
Constructing a new office or renovating system design, JKS is a leading provider of power and lighting system design installation. We have the required experience and deliver sustainable solutions in setting up corporate offices at a customer convenience, straight from engineering to installation.

Commercial Building
We have comprehensive internal and external electrical solutions to projects of all sizes from residential to commercial buildings. Extensive electrical knowledge in new or renovation construction of commercial buildings allows us to take on any commercial project.

Pre-planned industrial projects ensured efficient services and our team’s vast knowledge with expertise allowed us to provide Power correction services, Upgradations, Control panels, and New construction. JKS handles it all, as our commitment to you minimizes production downtime.

Our in-house design-build capabilities in managing the total project lifecycle from planning to engineering design and installations provide customized solutions to customers that fit their needs. Our team includes professionals licensed in Leadership in Energy Design and are specialized in logistics and warehouse facilities of all sizes so we understand the demands of clients as well as the environment.

Project management experts and skilled electricians installed a specialized system and units in hospitals, MRI Labs, and critical care units. Complete up-gradation of the power distribution system, emergency generators, and others with minimal disruption in hospital activities. We have invested an ample amount of understanding the critical needs of this industry.

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